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The Posers

Question: Do you explain your art and philosophy when recruiting a poser?

Artist JEGAL:

Absolutely. In the beginning you have to talk like a regular person, sometimes as just a normal guy, you are picking up on them for sex and they like that but you want something else with them. It is a friendship. Be happy. Be fun and be lively. But in reality, you just have your goal, and that is to see if she will let you draw her vulva. Sometimes it can take a long time. Sometimes it takes me a month to find someone willing.

Question: How hard was it to find a vulva poser in all 50 States?

Artist JEGAL:

I think the magic word for the ones who do it is they want to be part of the project. They want to be part of the art. They feel honored to participate. Getting the last dozen states or so to complete the project was a bit of a challenge. I networked with other artists, traveled around, hung out at airports talking to women. I got Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, and Kentucky from friends who know friends who were willing to pose.

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