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The Grand Idea

Question: Please give an overview of how this idea came to you and how it's taken you a dozen years or more to accumulate these sketch images that you've done. Just a little history lesson from you—how it all came together?

Artist JEGAL:

The V Project! Vulva Art in representation of each State. Ahh—this started a long time ago and evolved over time. The idea came to my mind from talking to other people. I remember a long time ago—the expression “you are a pussy”. And I said to myself—“Wow! Why did he call him that? It makes no sense to me. The Vulva has power and elegance and it's very strong and the vulva is beautiful and can give such great pleasure. I could go on and on about the secret of sacred femininity. Why do the females possess such influence and persuasive power? Because a woman is the art of life.

And there was another general comment I’ve heard uttered many times, something to the effect of “you know, vaginas are ugly.” This statement blows my mind. Well, you use it and you kiss it—how can it be ugly? So, a lot of things came to my mind. As an artist and a lover and fan of females—I was perplexed. It is my goal to present a vagina, or vulva, in a way that really is not ugly, but is very pretty. A vulva is strong and divine—a life giving, birthing creator. A vulva is majestic. The vulva does a great job! I have sincere appreciation for the power of the vulva. So, these thoughts came to me and I started an artistic project to present my drawings.

The point is to NOT be pornographic, but realistic. Realistic enough to admire the beauty, the power, the grace, the sacred divinity of the vulva. Once and for all the power of taking on the female body and you know—study it and treat it like the highest creation of art, which it is. But these pornographic images treat it as dirty and create a hypocrisy in society. My goal or aim is to make the vulva presentable at an elevated level as the purest of art. I took on this project with this focused mindset.

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