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A Pure Work of Living Art

Question: You were not deterred with having your work labeled as “dirty” art or “erotic” art?

Artist JEGAL:

The Vulva is generally a taboo subject. Why don't we treat the subject with the proper respect it deserves?

Women are wonderful! Women are the light of the world!

I would like to present my own differing point of view of the vulva.

In my opinion, the vulva is the star in this experience of human life!

I will bring notice to the females in the sacred feminine mystique by focusing on the art, and not making it a pornographic thing. But elevating it to a high-level type of deal.

Well then if you see all the drawings, then it speaks for itself very realistically. It is the idea to make a vulva on a woman look like a lady, a lady’s vulva.

“This is a beautiful vagina. A pure work of living art!”

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