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50 Shades of V

Question: “50 Shades of V”—how did you come up with that expression? What does it mean?

Artist JEGAL:

My title name is because my sketches are shades of black and white and the stand-alone “V’ is mysterious. And, the title is a takeoff of the recent book series best seller, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

I refined the basis of my art project by making the decision that I would sketch a vulva in all 50 States as well as a “bonus” representing the national capital in D.C. It took me over a dozen years to complete. I’ve asked thousands of women for the pleasure to sketch their vulva. The majority of the time they politely decline, but every now and then a conquest occurs and I have the opportunity to sketch a fresh lively vulva, nature’s purest art form.

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